Project Big Picture: Premiership greed

Project Big Picture: Premiership greed

Project Big Picture: Premiership greed

Liverpool’s Owners have drafted a proposal that will see the Premier League have 18 clubs instead of 20. The proposal has been backed by Manchester United, this information was released on Sunday. The Premier League would not only drop down to 18 teams but they want to change the voting structure, giving power to the biggest clubs within the league ending the current one club, one vote system.

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The FA is said to be hostile about the shift of power as it would change‘Golden Share’ that was set out back when the Premier League was created in 1992. This new power share gives the ability to reject any fundamental changes made to the Premier League.

Major points within the proposal -
  • Premier League reduced from 18 to 20 clubs
  • Two Premier League sides automatically relegated each season and replaced by top two Championship sides
  • 16th-placed Premier League club enters play-off with 3rd, 4th and 5th-placed Championship clubs
  • EFL Cup and Community Shield abolished
  • Special status for nine longest-serving Premier League clubs (big six, plus Everton, West Ham and Southampton)
  • £250m immediate compensation to EFL
  • 8.5 per cent of annual Premier League revenue to go on operating costs and to
  • 25 per cent of the remaining revenue to go to the EFL
  • Parachute payments scrapped
  • £100m immediate payment to FA to cover lost revenue and to develop non-league, women's and grassroots football

The plans set out see the major 6 clubs within the League have their power increased but Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham are said to have their own doubts about the proposal.

The other 14 clubs within the league have serious concerns, with some of its longest members even having doubts. West Ham has been one of the leagues longest-serving teams and would receive special status under this proposal but they are said to not be in favour.

Premier League to be damaged under the new proposal

The Premier League has released a statement outlining its doubts and concerns over Liverpool and Manchester United's Project Big Picture proposal.

"English football is the world's most-watched and has a vibrant, dynamic and competitive league structure that drives interest around the globe. To maintain this position, it is important that we all work together.

"Both the Premier League and the FA support a wide-ranging discussion on the future of the game, including its competition structures, calendar and overall financing, particularly in light of the effects of Covid-19.

"Football has many stakeholders, therefore this work should be carried out through the proper channels enabling all clubs and stakeholders the opportunity to contribute.

"In the Premier League's view, a number of the individual proposals in the plan published today could have a damaging impact on the whole game and we are disappointed to see that Rick Parry, chair of the EFL, has given his on-the-record support.”

Prime Minister not backing Project Big Picture

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has made it very clear that he does not support the Project Big Picture proposal.

The spokesperson said: "It is clear that this proposal does not command support throughout the Premier League, and it is exactly this type of backroom dealing that undermines trust in football governance."

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