LSC team up with Samsung in a partnership deal

LSC team up with Samsung in a partnership deal

LSC team up with Samsung in a partnership deal

The video game creator Riot Games have created a partnership deal that will see the South Korean technology company supply computers powered by Samsung’s solid state drives. The computers will be supplied to the LCS for its Summer Split.

The partnership will see a new segment that has been created called “Samsung SSD Fast Five”, which will be a new addiction to the LCS broadcast. The Fast Five has been created and it “tracks week-to-week how quickly players reach key milestones in each position.”. This has all come at a time where Samsung has been increasing its footstep in the eSports world, this is just another great step that the South Korean technology company has made.

Head of NA Partnerships and Business Development at Riot Games, Matt Archambault, spoke on the partnership: “Just like in a game of League of Legends, every millisecond matters in our broadcast, in our players’ performances, and in the experiences we create for our community. In Samsung, we found a partner who holds that same commitment to top quality. We’re thrilled to work with Samsung and collaborate on a new segment that celebrates North America’s League of Legends talent and gives fans an extra dose of competition to look forward to each week.”

VP of Integrated Marketing, Home Entertainment at Samsung, Grace Dolan, also spoke on the release: “A high-performance SSD is one of the most important components in a gaming system, allowing for incredibly fast data transfer speeds and better performance. Samsung is proud to be the SSD of choice for gamers and we’re excited to partner with the LCS, which is home to some of the top esports players in North America. No one values speed and efficiency as much as Samsung and players in the LCS, and we can’t wait to see who is crowned the Fast Five at the end of the Summer Split.”


James Wilson

Journalist and Data Analyst