Could betting within eSport be its downfall?

Could betting within eSport be its downfall?

Could betting within eSport be its downfall?

Betting on sports has gone on for hundreds of years from betting on a horse to win a race to betting on a team to win a match. It has always been the same, but how could this impact eSport? eSports Betting has grown a lot since it was recognised as sport with the likes of Betway and Betvictor all offering wagers on eSports competitions and matches but the new type of betting works in eSports favour, gaining more exposure and opening eSports up to a wider audience and increasing the target audience.

In 2018 380 Million people watched eSports and is expected to reach 557 million viewers by the end of 2021, with eSports betting being a major part of the sport, as with all sports, betting on all competitions will gain the teams and players more exposure and get a better following and which in turn will increasing the viewing audience of the tournament they are competing within.

As eSport is becoming a sport that can hold its own against the likes of Football and Rugby better sponsorship deals are being made with some of the high level brands and companies around the world. This is another plus for eSports betting, because of the major brands and companies becoming a part of the virtual world an increase in salary and prize money will open up a new world for businesses to explore and even new business to enter into the market.

Sports Hints say “In time we believe that eSports will become bigger then all sports, with the world we are living in becoming virtual and digital the only step forward is to take the sporting world in the same way.”

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