Bundesliga Match Predictions – 24th May 2020

Bundesliga Match Predictions – 24th May 2020

Bundesliga Match Predictions - 24th May 2020

Sunday 24th May 2020
Schalke vs Augsburg -

Schalke started off this side of the season with a 4-0 loss to current 2nd place Borussia Dortmund, Schalke appeared to be in the game at the beginning but with Dortmund going 1-0 up within 30 minutes it was all downhill from there. Schalke are meeting Augsburg at home, this will be their first home game back after the pandemic break.

Augsbury are currently sitting in 14th only 1 point behind Eintracht Frankfurt, They were on a losing streak before the break, having lost 4 out of the last 5 games but in their latest game they played 6th place Wolfsburg and suffered a 2-1 loss. Could Augsburg stop their losing streak and beat Schalke away from home?

Our Prediction - Schalke are currently sitting mid table, while Augsbury are currently battling to stay out of the relegation zone.

Our Bet - Schalke to win.
Mainz vs RB Leipzig -

Mainz last played 1.FC Koln and they came away from that game with a point, the match for the majority, was fairly even but with their opponents having more shots. Mainz will meet with RB Leipzig at home, this will be the first home game after the pandemic break for the squad. This could be a major game for Mainz to stay up in the top flight of German football. Both teams will want to win this game because both are fighting for their league positions.

Our Prediction - RB Leipzig are currently fighting for the league title but Mainz are also currently fighting to get out of relegation.

Our Bet - Both Teams to Score and RB Leipzig to win
1 . FC Koln vs Dusseldorf -

1.FC Koln played Mainz for their first match back after the pandemic break. Koln had more shots within the game but the match was fairly even, both teams ended the match with a point with a 2-2 draw.

Dusseldorf are currently sitting in the relegation zone, they have drawn all of their last three games before and after the pandemic break. Dusseldorf played Paderborn for their latest fixture, the match was very even with both teams having a similar amount of possession and both having 1 shot on target all game.

Our Prediction - Both teams have a record of scoring at home and away but not making it count and getting three points from the game.

Our Bet - Both teams to score

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