British eSports Association team up with Pearson

British eSports Association team up with Pearson

British eSports Association team up with Pearson

The UK based eSports non profit organisation, British eSports Association, have teamed up with learning company Pearsons to create the first of its kind qualification to get a career within the eSports world. The British eSports Association was set up in 2016 to promote and grow grass root eSports.

The new BTEC qualification has been set up within eSports to gain players qualifications while trying to create a career in eSports. This is a major step forward to create the next generation of eSports players and to also build long term careers within eSports not only within the UK but internationally.

Schools and Colleges around the world will have the chance to offer this new qualification from September 2020 with funding being confirmed in the UK. The new Level 3 qualification will consist of 20 units all purely devoted around eSports, the units are as follows - enterprise and entrepreneurship, strategy and analysis, events management, live-streamed broadcasting, video production, shoutcasting, coaching, health and wellbeing, the law and legislation, computer networking and more. This will enable learners to create careers in eSports and even allow others to create new skills and progress in their career.

With eSports growing at a rapid rate, the eSports industry is set to generate revenue of at least $1.1 Billion in 2020, which is a year on year growth of 16%, with the esports spectators set to rise by at least 11.7% to 495million.

Andy Payne OBE, British Esports Association Chair, commented on the new partnership and new qualification becoming available “Esports is a growing, exciting industry that many young people are looking at with interest and it’s important they have the opportunity to unlock their potential and be the leaders of tomorrow. The industry is still finding its feet, but with big names like Pearson coming on board to bring learning and curriculum design expertise, this bodes well for the future workforce.”.


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